Cyber Bingo Casino Special Funding Bonuses

You and I are the same when we consider going against the house or other opponents when gambling. It doesn’t matter what geographical region you come from, the wager you place and the title you compete against – we are against the odds.

Nonetheless, a rise in nations occurred who currently dominate the so-called industry ‘gods’. This is due to them having strict legislation, modernization, and compelling publicity. The three countries are Great Britain, Canada, and Australia.

Following the collapse of the global economy, many nations resorted to gambling as a way to sustain crippled economies. Some instituted new regulatory bodies and started their own casinos other have gone forward and decriminalized online and mobile gambling authorizing citizens to play from home.

This goes to say that gambling is not as bad as many thought. However, a fraction of it seems easy it’s not poker or roulette but bingo. That’s right! A game that was invented by a toys’ salesman Edwin S. Lowe who was based in New York together with a mathematics professor, Carl Leffler (University of Columbia).

In the early days and currently, physical cards with numbers are still in use. However, with advances in technology, the gameplay is available – that is if you have a stable internet connection.

There is and will continue to be new casinos popping up every now and then. To you the gamer, it’ll be confusing as to which one to choose as not all are great. There is one thought that I would like to draw your attention to, it’s called Cyber Bingo Casino.

Having frequented the casino a number of times, I would like to present to you an honest, unbiased review. This is going to give you an insight into what you’ll get once you register. Let’s dive in then, shall we?

The gambling establishment came into being in 1996 and quickly became a leading figure in the bingo world. With innovation taking center stage, the website was re-launched in 2010 keeping up with its competitors. Here’s what you get once you sign up at CyberBingo Casino.

What the Casino Provides

As the name suggests is mainly a bingo-based playing website though it has casino games too. As of 2021, there are 7 lobbies each with its own progressive jackpot.

The lobbies have different opening times meaning, there isn’t at one point you won’t miss a game. You also have an option to pre-order your desired game. Isn’t that great to hear? In addition, the prize of the cards differs meaning you choose which and how much you want to spend per card.

“According to stats, Americans spend more than $90 million weekly alone on bingo cards”

This establishment is one of the cream of the crop when it comes to the world of bingo. It provides routine bingo events and rare bingo contests. The bonuses offered are cutthroat. You receive 100% on your initial installment that could rise to the tune of 500% with add-ons.

The event rooms have indeed as many bingo titles, larger jackpots, and bonus codes. There are free games you can get your hands on before investing any money. Distinctive bingo games offered are topnotch giving only the best. An example is the BINGO FREE Roll where you have the opportunity of winning without spending a dime.

Each card costs between €0.30 and €30. A single card is for a player and for a single game. You are able to purchase up to 120 cards depending on the title provided. The jackpot limit isn’t set. It only differs from room to room and the number of cards you and other players have purchased.

There are lots of weekly promos and promo codes on offer and you’re guaranteed of winning €5000. You or a lucky winner is guaranteed to win at least once a week. It might not be a lot but it’s a morale booster.

When it comes to keno, the selection is minimal. There are only 5 titles. However, to compensate for this shortfall CyberBingo Casino introduced a fresh video bingo called ‘Powerball Xtra’. This is a fusion of bingo and keno. You can pick up to four cards and place your wager for each one.

The various types of video slots included are:

  • Progressive – 3
  • Exclusive – 31
  • 3D – 68
  • 5 Reel – 281
  • 3 Reel – 43

The video poker selection is quite impressive. There are 11 one-hand, 10 four-hand, and 10 ten-hand titles.

No casino is complete without table games and you are not going to get disappointed by this establishment. Though they aren’t many, you do get to savor each one that’s there.

You are going to find various options of the common titles on offer and that includes blackjack, Holdem, roulette, and baccarat. Although they aren’t many, they cater to your needs.

The Platform

The website is simple, cool, and amazing. It reminds you of some cool bear cartoon with the bear mascot on each page to cheer you up. Every button is visible and generally easy to navigate with icons on the top left corner showing devices that are compatible with the site.

The software in use is Adobe Flash technology. You only need an internet connection and a browser and you’re all set to play. You just need to make sure that you have Adobe’s Flash Player latest version.

Gaming on the Go

Like any gambling institution, Cyber Bingo Casino understands just how important mobility of their platform is to you – its user. They’ve ensured that you are covered while on the go.

The website is mobile friendly to play your favorite titles. There is no need of downloading any mobile app to enjoy your favorite bingo titles. Whether its an iOS or Android, accessing the site through your mobile browser will do the trick.

When you go on the site online, on the top left-hand side, there are devices, which the website supports, and all are covered. The mobile version is identical to the full version. The difference is in the size.

You are able to register and login just like from the main website and receive the no deposit bonus and promo codes. Registering from the mobile version allows you to get €10.

The welcome bonus on the main website is not that much only €10 and 10 free spins but there are many add-ons. On your 1st installment, you receive a 300% bonus, on your 2nd 150% and finally on your 3rd 100% which is all your to claim.

You’re being Hyped Dude!

Well, no and yes. It happens that you are going to get many benefits from this establishment countering the low welcome bonus. Constantly keep checking the newsletter section where you are going to receive all the latest promotions, news, no deposit bonus, and various announcements.

“Did you know that the first Bingo game is believed to be played in Italy in about 1530 and the name is”.

There are tons of offers provided by this casino. There are tourneys they have which vary significantly. Bingolicious is the first of them and it’s played every Friday night between 2 am-5:59 am CEST with €600 up for grabs in prizes.

Fantasy is the next. Just as the name suggests, it’s based on fantasy or mythical beings. If you are thinking in terms of dragons, centaur, leprechauns, and unicorns then we are on the same page. The game is quite simple with the winner bagging €180. Not much but it’s still better than nothing.

There’s also the Free World Bingo where which starts from 7 pm and 5 am CEST with a weekly prize of €3500. Each card costs just €0.45. One to go is another promo which you out to look at.

Every night with 250 points to enter you have an opportunity of winning €30 in cash prizes, every week with 2500 points, you have an opportunity of winning €150 in cash and each month with 5000 points, you stand a chance of winning €600. That’s free cash.

Extraordinary financing rewards are offered every time you replenish your account. From Monday through Thursday, get universal bonuses of 75% in the range of €10-€50, 100% in the range of €50.1-€100 and 250% in the range of €100.1-€1000. Friday and Saturday, the percentages change -100% in the range of €10-€50, 150% in the range of €50.1-€100, and 300% in the range of €100.1-€1500.

Are you devoted to CB?

If your answer is yes, then you are in for a treat of your life at the casino. The first treat is Bingo points. You may be asking yourself how you can get these. Every time you purchase a bingo card.

All cards are designated with varying points and that’s down to how much it cost at the beginning. It’s simple just a raffle draw, the more you spend, the more you points you collect and the more chances of winning. Each collected point earns you large cash rewards and a possibility of winning €600 each month.

There is a warning though. The points belong to CB and they have every right to annul them without informing you. So be extremely careful with your account. The bingo points are invaluable and don’t have a cash equivalent and cannot be transferred.

As a member of Cyber Bingo, you get 15 loyalty points for each €1 spent. The points are redeemable to be used for the Free Play Bonus. You just sign in to your account and go to ‘Loyalty Program’.

Whatever happens during gameplay, you are able to redeem your collected points for great bonuses. There are certain rules you have to keep in mind:

  • You cannot transfer your points or winnings to another party
  • Only e-payment funding allows you to get points
  • If you are inactive for 60 days or more, CB withholds your points (you can, however, contact the manager to have it sorted out)
  • The program can be adjusted or revoked by the establishment with prior notification
  • With 2021 being 23 years since it started its service, the institution has lots of promos to thank you the customer for being there. They understand how hard it is to please everyone but do try their all.

With 2021 being 23 years since it started its service, the institution has lots of promos to thank you the customer for being there. They understand how hard it is to please everyone but do try their all.

Funding and Withdrawal Options

Although will get a no bonus deposit, free spins, and even a bonus code; you still have to top up your account. Therefore, the methods that you can put money in your account are visa and master cards, Skrill, Solo, Switch, Ukash and Bank transfer.

Similarly, cash out methods are the same. You just need to ensure that you cash out method is the same as the method you funded your account in when you made your deposit.

If your cash out is €1500 or less, you’ll need to send your picture and a quote of 100 words. Should you win an equivalent of €3000 or more, you’ll be required to send a picture, quotation and a valid photo ID that contains your address of residence. The address MUST be the same as the one on your profile.

In some cases, you may be required to record a 20 to 30-second video and also sign a release and consent form. Seems a lot but that’s to ensure that you are the owner of the account and not an imposter.

Community Incentive

Whether you are from England, New Zealand, from a native English speaker or where English is your first language or you’re fluent at it, you are able to invite friends to join through the CyberBingo Casino referral program.

You get €15 for every referral you invite and a further 5% of the deposit they make directly to your account. Let’s say you have 5 friends who’ve signed up, you are going to receive €75 and 5% of whatever amount they deposit in their accounts.

If each of them made a €500 deposit, from each of them in the percentage you’ll get €125. Your total not will be €200. This is easy money without even having to sign in and play. Right? As it goes, the more friends you invite, the more moolah you’re going to get.

You can also get to share your photos with other members, chat with them interactively, and even make new friends. There are also chat game competitions held monthly.

The establishment has also collaborated with various community awareness initiatives to educate the community about various issues. It’s comforting to know that they care and are not out to suck you dry.

Your Safety Assured

Security is a thorny issue when it comes to handling casino transactions and your personal data. This establishment put in place security measures such as 256-bit encryption to ensure your personal info isn’t compromised and a firewall that is impenetrable by hackers.

It also doesn’t share your personal and credit information to any third party nor does it store it in its database.

If you deem that you may have a problem with gambling, there are mechanisms in place to assist you with coping. First, you may exempt yourself from playing at all. Second, you can set limits to curb your addiction and then third, you may opt for professional help.

They have teamed up with a couple of credible organizations like and to provide counseling. It’s advisable that you try out the free games and once you’ve got the hang of it, you can manage you playing.

Underage gambling isn’t tolerated on the website. There is a strict screening process to ensure that teenagers under 18 never play. It’s comforting to know that you are in the capable hands of people who care.

Customer Well Being Taken Care Of

The customer support team is always the heart of every organization. Without them, the organization would be in tatters. This institution ensures that you are well-taken care.

The support team works 24/7 and takes you requests, complaints, and queries through either ticket, email or live chat. For simpler questions, you can find answers on their FAQ page which is located on the bottom left on the support tab.

There, you will find comprehensive answers to general questions. You are highly recommended to check the FAQ before contacting support as what you may be asking could be there.

The quickest means as observed is the live chat. The other two aren’t that fast but you are going to get an answer within the day. So do try to be patient if you are using the latter.

Our verdict

When it comes to bingo, Cyber Bingo Casino is your favored destination. Although it’s bingo-oriented, you’ll find some titles in casinos. This is a great balance if you’d like a change.

The website is razor-cut, simple, and downright straightforward. The bear mascot is quite amusing and takes you back to when you were a child. There are no wild graphics just simplicity at its best.

There are lots of video slots and a few casino-based games. Keno and scratch cards are also present. It’s not only a bingo-based place but it has plenty to offer non-bingo fans.

Coming to the welcome bonus, it’s quite small but the promos make up for it. You also get bonus code from time-to-time and free spins for the more you play. Jackpots are ever progressive with no limits as to how much you could make.

Play on the go whenever you want on whichever device you have. There is no need of downloading any app, which is dope. Many casinos now are moving away from the app.

The deposit and cash out methods are convenient, though when it comes to cashing out like any other establishment, you’ll be required to provide some form of identification and in some cases, sign some papers.

Your security is really valued and they have made it paramount to have all your information safe. All your transactions are secured with the latest protocols in place with no personal information shared with third parties.

Customer service is superb as the live chat operator respond quickly. This is not to say that email and ticketing don’t. They just
have to seep through to find you but they always do in a couple of hours.

If you are a bingo enthusiast, then this is where you spend time. There is plenty to keep you occupied round the clock. Pre-order a spot if a room isn’t open. Overall, the experience is quite enjoyable and relaxing. Get ready to say BINGO!

Make sure you check out CB as you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the goodies that they have on offer.

The information provided by: Annie Oneal